Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seneca is a champion.

First soccer practice.  Purple shorts we got didn’t fit, she rolled with it.  On the way to practice we talked about listening to the coach and trying really hard to do what he asked.  She responded, “I am going to play like a champion, like daddy says.”  We have established that as our family motto and she is taking it to heart. 

She worked out there.  She was fast and tried so hard to get to the ball every time.  She has mastered the thumbs-up and gave it to me frequently with a huge smile pasted on her face.  “Mom, I’m doing good!”  We’ll work on the grammar.  When running off the field for a water break, she yells, “I’m a champion, mom!”  Indeed, Senny.  Indeed.  She has the double-fist pump down and does it while jumping up and down when she gets excited.  Like after she scored her first goal in the scrimmage.  Oh, she was excited about that.  There were also a few other exclamations from the field… “Oh, darn it!”  “Oh, man!”  There were several kids on the field who were crying at one time or another today, perhaps it’s the age, or the beginning of the season but I’m glad she wasn’t one of them.  She fell at one point and hurt her elbow.  “I just brushed it off, mom.  I’m ok.”  I’ve always liked watching Coop play soccer, but this is a whole new level of entertainment.



tenacious d said...

Ahhhhhh!!! So cuuuuuute! Where did your little princess go? She's a little soccer star now.

Lindsay said...

so cute! give her some tickles and kisses for me!

Amber said...

Sounds like you got yourself a good little soccer player there. She's so stinken cute too.