Thursday, November 17, 2011

one more day.

I left home this morning at 7:15 and did not return home for more than 10 minutes until after 3:00 this afternoon.

I spent a lovely while with Beckham while he got his ultra sound. He had an x-ray last week and I'll tell you, he's the most fun to be with in a dr.'s office. A picture of bones? A camera on his tummy? It's all very exciting. He's pleasant as can be and I love spending time with him. To answer the questions that I know will come: His left femur is slightly smaller (shorter and thinner) than his right which causes some discrepancy in his legs. Nothing to worry about, ultrasound was just to be safe and be sure kidneys weren't being affected. The kid is active and healthy and we'll just keep an eye on it, ok?

Then I watched Seneca in her preschool program about the ocean. Hilarious. I learned all about sea anemones, how sharks have multiple sets of teeth and are bigger than buses. I heard the names of all the continents and oceans and the details of vertebrates, invertebrates, single and bivalve sea creatures. I learned how the wind and the moon create the waves... She spouts off the most random stuff and I love it.

Then I went to meet my new best friend at the mattress store. I will report on this later. Off then to get Cooper, stop and take care of some fun doTerra business, drop Coop off with a friend and then... Home. For 2 whole hours before we went again.

I am deciding to be fine with the fact that the Homestead will be much like an Inn next week, with more people getting word to me daily that they'll be joining us. I ran out of bed space long ago, so bring your sleeping bags and pillows and we'll be great! Now, to find a massive turkey... I need to get on that. But first, family pictures... that's tomorrow's fun. I keep thinking that if I just take things a day at a time one of these days will not be jam-packed. Chances that day will come before January?? I'm grateful to have a busy, full life with awesome family to share it with.


Scrap Happy said...

Just cook two small turkeys - they'll be easier to lift and deal with, and then you can try two different recipes!

Tutz said...

Good suggestion from Scrappy above. You certainly have good friends. AND, if you weren't such a happy, fun, good sport, you wouldn't have all these people wanting to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family! You are a lucky lady!! Please give Beckham a big kiss from me!