Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas break 2011

We ventured up to the cold country to ski.  Well, that was the excuse, anyway.  Mostly I went to lounge, which I accomplished famously, much better than anyone accomplished skiing.  Brundage didn’t even open until Friday and considering it rained from the moment we arrived until we drove away, we’ll call that day a wash.  Except the kids skiied, and liked it, so not a complete wash.  Saturday was better, the sun even made an appearance.  Of course I was avoiding letting my children see me when they were in lessons and then when I was with them I had more than my hands full getting us all down the hill in one piece, so forgive the lack of ski photos.  Instead enjoy these… while waiting for the snow to fall we went sledding, and tubing, and ice skating, and Wade and Dent even braved the hot springs with all the kids.  We watched movies and played games and read and laughed ourselves silly.  We ate delicious food (I could use some quiche right about now.  and a cinnamon roll.  and some shrimp.  and a few scones…) and enjoyed long walks with dad.  I basically surrendered my children over to the McCall house and only parented when it was absolutely necessary.  I took one pair of real pants and wore them once.  It was lounging at it’s finest.  On New Year’s Eve the kids went outside at 8:00 and yelled “Happy New Year!!” to the world then were tucked right into bed.  Dad did the same, minus the yelling.  Katelyn made it until 11:45.  My family is fantastic and hilarious and a little bit crazy.  Never once in 12 days did I wish to be anywhere else.

It was delightful, as usual.


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