Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it time for you??

Dear Readers,

I interrupt this saga of life at the Homestead with an invitation.  You know already that we use doTerra essential oils in our home.  You know already that we love them and that they keep us healthy and save us moola.  I have had several inquiries into what we we use and how lately.  People are being drawn to doTerra oils because they are safe and effective.  If you are ready for more information, just let me know!  I have great options for you depending on your needs and family.  I am excited to share these oils with you and have you experience for yourself the power they have in healing, prevention and mood management.  When emergency strikes, I would love for you to have doTerra essential oils and the knowledge about how to use them in your home, especially when medications will not be readily available.  I would love for you to join my friends who have discovered the freedom they feel when they rid themselves of the side effects medications can cause.  These oils have been sourced from the earth in the place where they grow best and were put here for our use.  If you are curious, have questions or would like information, let me know and I’ll help you enjoy having these awesome tools in your home!

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