Friday, September 21, 2012

Ben and Kiri

The thing about blogging is that if you get behind then catching up seems quite overwhelming.  When others say that, I say just skip to the present and blog already!  Except that there are events to be documented so I’ll follow my mother’s ever-appropriate advice and do “one thing at a time.”

Because there was a wedding.  remember?  on the mountain?  well, then there was another one.  Boogies got hitched.  It’s true, we wondered if the day would ever come, I mean, it was gonna take a special kinda girl… Well, he found her.  And she’s perfect.  Now, mind you, this wedding was not planned by my mother and therefore we had to take a few deep breaths and relinquish a little control, but despite all rumors, fears and realities, it was wonderful.



Off to the airport we go.  Seneca resting up for her date with Dan.  Stella’s first plane ride.  She slept the whole time.


Meeting aunt Linny!  Stella doesn’t know how good she’s got it… everyone needs an aunt Linny.  Her uncles, the other hand… eek!

IMG_1818kids - Copy

The Banks grandchildren.


A handsome man with a delicious baby.  My mama and I.  The sibs.


Handsome Bexie and Kiri.  Boogs and his lady.

Classy up to this point, right?  Yeah, well…

IMG_1838boogs1 - Copy

Wouldn’t be a party with out an orange tux, now would it?  Or a blue one for Lou…


And every good party needs a mechanical bull.  Senny, Ben, Coop and Dent


Lovebirds. and although the two of them were darling, Tessa and Beckham had them beat.  They danced all night together and it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  And Dan and Seneca?  Well, I’ll just say that Lindsay better watch herself because Senny will step in the moment an opportunity arises…


she caught the bouquet and didn’t let go for a week.

While the par-tay may have been different from Banks weddings previous, it was awesome.  It was in an awesome backyard and I didn’t worry one bit about where my children were or if they were getting into something they shouldn’t… they just ran and played and danced.  And those who didn’t ride the bull thoroughly enjoyed watching those who did- it was fantastic entertainment for all. 

The next morning they made it official… in the Logan temple after a lovely little luncheon.

kids1 - CopyIMG_1873

These crazies are always up for a party.  A wedding is as good an excuse as any!


Stella loves aunt Nanette.  Boogs can’t smile normally.


Darling cousins and Gram.


Waiting to see Uncle Ben and Aunt Kiri…


Brothers and sisters, minus Wade.



off they go!  I’ll spare you the text I received from him the next morning… let’s just say they are sufficiently happy together!


kimmalee said...

It sounds like the perfect party for Ben's wedding. I'm sure his text the next morning was delightful. I love that he sent you a text the next morning. Hilarious. And, yep, you really do look like that just a couple of months post baby. Incredible, Amberly.

Partridge Family said...

Your brother cracks me up!