Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Bexie,

Today you didn't like the clothes I picked out for you, so you picked your own.  You eventually came up with a red shirt and red shorts.  I tried for one minute to tell you it didn't go well together, but decided quickly that wasn't worth the fight.

Today you wanted chocolate chip pancakes and grapefruit for breakfast.  You got a few chocolate chips and plenty of grapefruit.

Today you and Oscar tried to one-up each other all the way home from preschool.  If his baby knew how to stand up, your baby knew how to laugh.  If he was going shooting with his dad, you had your own bow.  I can't tell if your competitive nature came with you or if you have learned it from your siblings.

Today you needed more peanut butter with your apples.  When I didn't oblige, you helped yourself.

Today you chose picking up scat over cleaning up the garbage in the back yard.  That surprised me.

Today you got upset that there were raisins as part of your snack.  You do not like raisins.  We decided raisins were not something to cry about.

Today you did your homework without any help from me and successfully ignored any suggestions I threw your way.

Today you drove me crazy with the back door.  I believe that somewhere deep inside of your brilliant self you know how to enter the house quietly.  I believe, I believe, I believe.

Today you loved your sister a lot.  You played peek-a-boo and made her laugh herself silly.  You rode your penny board around the house and she followed you everywhere you went.

Today you had rich brown eyes with long lashes that can not hide what you are feeling.  Today you had beautiful cheeks that needed to be kissed a lot.  Today I tickled you and let you pretend to drive.

Today you were awesome.



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