Sunday, October 13, 2013

setting records

Dear Blog,

It's been four months!  That's some kind of record.  I've neglected you for a few reasons.  One is that Instagram is faster and easier.  I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings, but it's true.  Another is that while a lot has been happening, I haven't felt that I've had a lot to say about it.  But these past few days have me thinking about you again, and writing posts in my head which hasn't happened in, oh, say about four months.  Sometimes I miss writing.  Actual, real writing where my thoughts come together somewhat coherently and help me work out the jumbled mess they seem to be in my head.  So, if you'll forgive me, I may be back.  I can't promise when because you see I have a little Stella and she's quite the busy-body these days and sitting down for more than 2 minutes at a time when she's awake doesn't actually happen.  But we'll work it out.  On the docket first:  creating missionaries and a mom's body image.  Not together, of course.  Anyway, see you soon.