Friday, November 22, 2013

It has become somewhat of a tradition for our children to run the 1-mile kids race the day before any full IM event.  Even if D isn't competing, they love that they get their own number, a new shirt, a chance to beat their time from last year and their very own medal to add to the ever-growing collection around here.  Coop couldn't find his shoes as we were walking out the door and resorted to Vans.  Ridiculous, but didn't seem to slow him down much.  Seneca and her dad are convinced she won her grade-division.  I suppose it's possible, she did shoot out of the starting gate like a bullet.  Beckham ran his little heart out and barely acknowledged me as I was cheering for him down the finish chute.  And bless little Stella's heart, she was happy as a clam keeping passers-by entertained from her stroller while I kept my eyes peeled for the little racers.  Success.  Another one in the books.  

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