Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Today my right eye is ready for a change in seasons.  It's itchy without relief.

Today I have friends helping me figure out what to do with my house.  That's kinda fun.

Today I did not get a nap.

Today I am not allowed to clean her bottom, wipe her nose or clean her ears.  You'd think I was being invasive or something.

Today my dining room table, aka air hockey table, is covered with awesome auction baskets for the school carnival.

Today my kitchen table and living room are covered with supplies to put more baskets together.

Today I was reminded of people who are constant sources of light when I was visiting teaching.  You know the kind.. always uplifting, happy to serve.  I'm grateful for their kind.

Today I chauffeured to music class, baseball and ballet.

Today I kissed Stellie's biceps 57 times.  This short-sleeve weather has a lot of perks.

Today I threw lots of vegetables and chicken together for dinner, added brown rice and quinoa and you can imagine that my children were thrilled.  A side of fruit and at least they didn't starve.  It was yum.

Today I listened to Divergent while driving, cleaning and getting ready for the day.  I'm trying to catch up to Dent.

Today Denten returned from San Francisco.

Today I am tired but today was filled with good things.  And the day is not done.

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Partridge Family said...

I love your blog and have missed your regular writings!