Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm grateful today for:

- a mellow week
- a positive check-up with my dr.
- cooper's creativity
- seneca's curiosity
- beckham's smiles and ability to enjoy the madness around him
- a reasonable husband
- dinner drop-offs
- quiet time
- coupon organization!
- grocery shopping... alone
- a new basil plant in my backyard
- the fact that the basil hasn't died yet
- air conditioning
- a clean kitchen floor
- these stinkin' vampire books... it's amazing anything gets done around here, really.
- pain medication
- honest friends
- the hole of water in my backyard
- music in my home


bryn said...

all great things to be thankful for! glad you are doing better.

Stephens Family said...

Hey Amberly! I hope you are feeling better! I miss y'all already and am anxious to get back. : ) Well, maybe not for the heat, but...hope you are well!

Joe and Amy said...

all nice things...I gave in and finally read all 3 vampire books in a 6 week time span a couple of months ago. It was fun to get lost in a book again (so hard to do with 3 littles), but I'm glad I have some time before the 4th one comes out.

In answer to your question about how I found you. I don't know what the exact path was, but we lived in Spokane, WA for a few years while my husband attended law school a few years ago. I'm thinking it was from one of the Spokane ladies who was connected to Angie Gordon...does that ring a bell? If not, it was someone connected to my Spokane friends.

juliancalebmomma said...

Amberly, I read the three vampire books in three days and pre-ordered the fourth one. I'm a total geek about it!! I don't even like vampire stories!!