Friday, July 18, 2008

a few gratefuls

1. automobiles that function as they should. suby has had some issues this week and it reminded me that when one fails, it's sure nice to have a back-up! i'm grateful that most of the time we have two great, fully-functioning cars to get us around.

2. super grocery savings. I saved $100 this morning! it's so awesome to walk out of the grocery store with so much stuff that I paid little or nothing for. I haven't had the greatest attitude about couponing lately because I was so behind, but after catching up and taking advantage of a few great deals, I was reminded why I do this. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to save my family money and get great deals. I've also decided that early morning is my favorite time to get groceries. I can do it without any children and with very few people in the store.

3. dinner group. having dinner in my fridge, all ready to eat at 6:00 each night is so great. it's fun to try new things and even more fun that I didn't have to make it all!

4. mark and flowers. jaime and mark are some of our dearest friends, still residing in manhattan. mark was here on business this week and took some time to come see us. he's still one my favorite people to visit with. he knows how to have a great conversation about a wide variety of topic. he even brought us flowers... I love having fresh flowers in my home. it was wonderful to see him, although it made me miss jaime A LOT.

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