Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a conversation about money

Cooper finds car wash tokens in the car.

C: Mom, can I hold the money?

A: Get buckled first, please.

C: now can I hold the money?

A: money is really dirty, bud. it has lots of germs on it.

C: Well, I want my germs on ALL the money.

me too, kid. me too.

A: What do we do with money coop?

C: pay tiving. (that's tithing to those of you who don't speak coop)

A: what does heavenly father do with our tithing?

C: we give heavenly father one penny.

A: and what does he do with it?

C: he sells it.

heaven has an interesting monetary exhange program.


Amy said...

So classic. I was just telling my sister that these are the posts we'll love the most in 20 years. Memories of our cute little personalities.

Kelly said...

So cute! I agree iwth Amy, these are the things that we'll love to read in 20 years. Thanks for the laugh.

JessK said...

Perhaps Heavenly Father is changing it for another currency. Perhaps the economy is affecting him too... :)

Annika said...

Too cute! Thanks for the laugh.

kari said...

LOL...that is hilarious. You forgot to ask Coop if God makes a profit on the money...or a prophet?! jk

juliancalebmomma said...

Looks like you've got a little economist on your hands... too cute!

Sandi said...

Love it.