Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a bit of politics. just a bit.

I had a conversation today with a friend who is having a love affair with Sarah Palin. It's not hard to understand as they both are small town, pagent queens who are passionate about... stuff. It may not be the same stuff I'm passionate about, but passion is to be admired just the same. Even though the conversation took place over the phone, I think she could hear me roll my eyes. The following piece, credit to Patria, is good. Made me smile and nod my head good. Read and either laugh or fume. Kari, fume softly as to not give Ty another reason to think you're more in love with this woman than you are with him.

I like John McCain. I really do. He's a likeable guy with a compelling story. The trouble is that on the two major issues at hand, the economy and this lovely war, he's on the same page as GW. That means more of the last eight years and my friends, I don't want more of the same. Clinton had the lowest number on welfare rolls in a very long time and all that work has been completely erased... back to square one. Unemployment is way too high (my technical term). Obama isn't perfect, but I think he sees this economic struggle for what it is rather than denying that there is an issue. How can you have the market fluctuate like it has this week and say that everything is fine? McCain said that. Really. You can be enlighted here. There's more to discuss on this topic, but that's all for now.


Amy said...

I think our friendship is strong enough that I can say I disagree, right??? If not, stop reading!!! haha.

I would prefer McCain as a commander in chief. I feel he is more trustworthy & while I don't agree with everything, I do think he has WAY more experience to tackle our nation's problems, especially this war.

Plus, he did author a bill in '05 to try & slow down FannieMae & FreddieMac as I think we can all agree they were out of control, but a democratic congress wouldn't pass it.

What I really wish is that it would stop being so bipartisan & fault finding & more of a coming together to do what's best for our nation...I feel like that is where the majority of the general public is anyway. Wishful thinking, right?

Trevor said...

Great to see you're expressing your opinion. Opening a can of worms, but this election is clearly nothing but, right?

Like Amy above, I'll disagree. Although the economy is certainly a critical issue, Obama's stance on moral issues is so drastically different than my own, that I could never vote for him even if he could snap his fingers to fix this economy. Some issues are not negotiable, and his moral compass leads him astray.

In addition, contrary to popular belief, Presidents do not control the economy. They like to think they do and give the appearance that they do. However, giving Clinton credit for the 90's boom and blaming Bush for the 2000's bust is not realistic. Clinton didn't invent the Internet (Al Gore did, right?) that created dot com jobs and drove up stocks in the 90s, nor did Bush fuel the irrational speculation that led to the dot com bust in 2000 - 2001. The economy goes in healthy cycles, whether we like it or not. And, the Fed (unfortunately) has far more direct control than any President ever will.

kari said...

You are brave for posting your opinions and I respect and admire you for it! I'll just leave it at that. :)

Holladay Photo said...

I love it Amberly. Sometimes I think Obama is a bad word in the LDS culture. I can't understand it, or how anyone can read the two candidates taxation plans or health care plans and not see that Obama has the masses interests in mind. 72 year old Mccain talks about deregulation and cutting taxes for businesses- but that's Wall Street businesses. 1/3 of America's Fortune 500 companies are not paying any taxes because of loopholes in the system. Small businesses without lobbyists pay the full load of taxes, obviously not going to help the typical small business owner. Go republicans! I for one think it's a strength that Obama doesn't have long standing cronies and friends in Washington...that's the kind of junk that spells corruption. Washington is missing hope and leadership- I think Obama can bring that. Why does it make sense to stay in the middle of a civil war that is 10 billion a month, funded by debt? Thanks for putting it out there...this is an important election. The President chooses a team of leaders and those leaders do have big impacts on our society. Someone above said that Presidents don't control the economy. I don't know how one can seperate the way the war is being conducted and the ramifications on our economy???? That's being written about all over the place by top analysts.

The Silly Witch said...

A lot of people are frustrated with politics. I haven't noticed that Obama is a particularly bad word among the LDS here in Texas.

Obama is certainly the most charismatic. I have issues with his voting record, though. I would have much preferred Hilary Clinton. And Palin, well, I like her. I believe a lot of the same things she does. BUT, it seems like and odd choice for her to be willing to run on the Republican ticket with her small children. It makes me question her judgment... I guess I'm a little old-fashioned.

This ought to be a very interesting election.

Scrap Happy said...

Well said, Amy and Trevor both. Everyone is SO willing to throw the foreclosure stats, etc. at Bush's feet - but really it was the FM & FM & ridiculous lenders that are to blame, giving everyone and their dog these mortgages they couldn't afford during the market craziness. We will ride the tide, and soon see the high #s of foreclosures go away...

Kelly said...

Sing it, sister! I'm right there with you on this issue. It's nice to know there's at least one other person in Arizona who feels the same way.

Dave and Treona said...

I love that you are writing about politics, money and such! I can certainly recognize a fellow Columbia graduate. :) Dave says they brainwashed me because I tend to lean a little towards the left, too. Dave and I have had some serious debates about McCain and Obama; he's determined to make sure that I am a Republican through and through.

Kari Ann said...

I will admit that I am excited about Sarah Palin, not necessarily John McCain. However, I've been looking for an opportunity to share a little story about "this lovely war" but haven't been brave enough to use my own blog. So I'll use yours. :-)
When Tyler came home from Ramadi (Iraq) just over two years ago he said he wouldn't argue if we should have gone in the first place. Except that its the same war against tyranny and inhumane genocide that we've fought all over the world. This time, its also the staging ground for terrorists from all over the world to meet the US Army. A battle that is not WITH Iraq as much as it is IN Iraq. Two years ago, the solution was clear to even a lowly LT. "We need a surge of troops to stabilize the gang-like insurgents and take away the fear that we're going to leave the Iraq Army volunteers to be slaughtered by abandoning them. Anything less would cause more instability and leave our once allies as enemies from being abandoned." Apparently he wasn't the only one that thought so. To date the very "wild wild west" that my husband had literally been blown up in, and wouldn't have dared to even go in the city has the following to report: over 30,000 'Sons of Iraq' have stepped up and cleansed the insurgents from the city. Their economy is growing and actually had a surplus last quarter. The schools have been rebuilt and are now in operation. And American soldiers can walk through the streets. Why? Because GW was more concerned with finishing what we started and keeping our word to aide Iraq's own in creating a stable country than pleasing the media and political pundits. It has cost us dearly in American tax dollars, soldier's lives, and families separated. 2,900+ died on Sept 11, ironically just under 2,900 soldiers have died from the war in Iraq. Even one is too many to the family that feels the loss. However, on Sept 12th, 2001 how willing were you to do “whatever it takes” to ensure that this war with terrorists doesn’t land IN the United States? Was it worth it? Here are opinions may differ

Anonymous said...

Kari & Tyler,

Thank you for your post. Your shared experiences of Iraq are amazing as we rarely get glimpses of the true picture from biased media sources.

Most of all, thank you both for your service and your sacrifices for our nation and our way of life.


The Carters

Jon said...

Read the article. A couple of thoughts/comments.

(1) The book banning claim is erroneous. The list that was produced to back up this claim included books that had not yet been published. Obviously, the author has an agenda, which involves spreading rumors rather than reporting facts.

(2) Were you nodding when you read this paragraph? I suppose to the author, Mormons are also "guided by a narrow set of culturally conservative values and extreme religious views."

"The latter is a woman with intense agendas guided by a narrow set of culturally conservative values and extreme religious views. She believes that abstinence should be the primary form of sex education taught to teenagers; she believes that creationism should be taught alongside science in our schools; she is against a woman's right to choose even in the cases of incest and rape; and her church believes gay and lesbian Americans can and, one assumes, should be corrected, redeemed from their deviant ways, by prayer ("pray away the gay" is their cheery slogan)."

(3) Frankly, this is cheap attack article. I'm not fuming, and I'm not laughing, more just hoping that this obviously biased article is not providing a basis for your opinion of Palin.

Kristi said...

I too disagree. Where I believe Obama has more spunk and charisma, I think for now that is all he brings to the plate. Trevor is right in that the president does not control the economy or these business failures. If you think about it, it's a good think the government isn't involved in all of that or they would be too involved (in my opinion). Although I don't like the way the economy has gone the last few years, I think the president is not where the blame lies. I agree that our congress needs to get over themselves and sticking to their parties and decide to start working together to do some good in this country.

I also think it is important that we have a republican president although McCain was not my first choice, because government obviously needs those checks and balances. If we have a completely democratic run government, the republicans might as well pack up and go home.

The worst part of this race is the media. I don't think there is a single news source you can trust 100%. You have to double check just about every argument and that stinks.

Obama just has too many differing opinions on issues I feel are too important to put by the wayside.

Kristi said...

This is Josh, not Kristi:

If for one reason to not vote for Obama he is so liberal it's crazy. Put that with a senate headed by none other than crazy Harry Reid and a congress with Nancy Palosi who are just as liberal as Obama that would not be a great combination. Overall I think that the Government needs to worry less about "change" and more about country first. I don't say that just because it is their slogans but our countries leaders need to focus less on what their parties can do and how they benefit but what is best and needs to be done. Obama hasn't shown he has that ability in my mind. McCain raised issue about Fannie and Freddy and was voted down on reform. Obama currently has advisors that profited greatly while running those companies. Obama also received millions from those organizations so I really don't know that he is up for reforming the problem. Not to mention, why is his wife so angry?

Josh Burke

Sandi said...

Amberly, I'm glad that you said this. I am going to have to think out a clear position to put on my blog now. After today's blatant lies from McCain, I have firmly moved to the Decomcrat candidate. McCain, played dirty and made a grandstand--then ducked out of the debate saying the economy suddenly needs his attention. I guess he can only do one thing at a time, not very presidential if you ask me.