Friday, September 19, 2008

Weighing In

Seneca had her 15 month check up today. After her turn on the scale, everyone thought they needed a turn...

This boy is 14 pounds (7 months)

This girl is 20 pounds (15 months)

This one is a whopping 35 pounds (3 years... but oh so close to 4)

And the mama in this picture is the sum total of all of her children's weights plus 37 more... don't think to hard. We won't talk about how long after giving birth it took to fit comfortable into the "good" jeans.

We should note for the record that Dad missed the weigh-in, but has dropped 14 pounds in the last month. At what point do we switch our focus to putting it on to taking it off??
"Give the children whole milk, they need the fat." If only that could be said our whole lives.
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Emily said...

Honey, consider yourself lucky, I had to burn the "good jeans", they will never, ever, fit again!

The Hansen's said...

They are all so adorable! I just love to see updated pictures of them and Cooper is so handsome, he is becomming a little man. Oh, and I am just happy to have pants with real waistbands, not stretchy ones :)