Friday, September 19, 2008

"Gay Marriage: A way out"

Alright Peeps, here it is... the solution. The solution. "The potential solution to such a divisive issue may not make the church happy, but it seems to have some merit." That's my dad speaking. He doesn't blog, but if he did, we'd get some great stuff. If this option were only possible then all my friends just might get along, and my husband and father just might see eye to eye, and my neighbors might not see us as raging liberals (cause we're really not...) Anyway, if either party could really make this happen then they'd have a few more supporters out there.
Thanks dad for the thought.

Just a little taste:

Liberal-minded Americans should like this proposed arrangement because everyone
gets treated the same, and the state deprives no one of his or her rights based
upon sexual orientation. If a gay couple is denied the right to marry, it would
only be because their religious community denied it, in which case they could
turn to a church or synagogue that would consecrate their marriage.

Conservatives should like the arrangement because religious institutions will
not be forced to recognize relationships that they feel are contrary to the
teachings of scripture. Nor will they be forced to call something "marriage"
that to them plainly isn't. At the same time, the proliferation of domestic
partnerships would create more familial and financial stability.

enjoy the read.


Anonymous said...

I read "the solution" with great interest. From a secular perspective, this arrangement sounds reasonable and even ideal. For me, such a compromise directly contradicts the Lord's teachings on the subject, as communicated by ancient and modern prophets.

The LDS Church recently published a statement regarding same-sex marriage and its consequences titled, "The Divine Institution of Marriage". Here is the path:

RandiSue said...

Leave it to a hot political topic like same sex marriage to bring a blogstalker out of the closet (pun intended). I have always been satisfied to just "follow the prophet" but that answer doesn't cut it with my friends outside of the church. So putting religion aside on this one I have to go with the idea that as a society we need to protect, if necessary by law, the health and safety dangers of same sex marriage.
I found a very interesting read by Dr. Paul Cameron titled 'Same Sex Marriage, Til Death Do Us Part'(google) that is filled with statistics regarding the dangers of same sex marriage to society especially to the homosexual community.

citymama1 said...

Interesting article. Phil (a raging libertarian) has been suggesting that the government stay out of marriage in general. I told him he was kinda nutso. He'll be glad to know he's not the only one. :) And he (and the article) have some very valid points. Thanks for the link.

Holladay Photo said...

Thanks for posting this was a good read. I don't see how it is a direct contradiction of the Lord's teachings, like someone mentioned. I could argue that the entire set up of captialism is in direct contradiction of the Lord's teachings. We have to have laws and public services for people who aren't LDS...why is that such a challenge for some LDS?

Kari Ann said...
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Kari Ann said...

I've expressed the exact same thougths to Tyler. However, I've been unwilling to embrace any proposed "solution", and so I usually just stay quiet. Because,if you view the conflict as a war between traditional Judeo-Christian values and it’s antithesis, and gay marriage as a battle over a bridge. By its self the bridge is not worth the carnage from each side it requires to protect it, and IF forfeiting the bridge would end the war I would whole-heartedly support retreat. However, the enemy has no intention of stopping at the bridge. Instead, their sights are set on the city that lies just beyond, and ultimately the nation-state. So, while I’m not willing to go to battle over the bridge, I’m grateful to those that are, because I’m engaged in a similar battle that is already happening within the city walls over the hearts and minds of our children.

Kari Ann said...

That being said, if I had the opportunity to vote on "the solution", I would probably join Obama and vote present.

kari said...

I'm curious as to what you mean by 'the solution.' The solution for what, exactly? And a way out of what?

I have to agree with your friend Nick. From the world's perspective this is a great move towards equality. And I'm pretty sure the religious community doesn't have a problem with gay couples having the same secular rights as other married couples, like medical care and housing. However, from a religious stand-point, the bottom line is that homosexuality goes against the teachings of Christ.

Have you looked at this from a "missionary" standpoint? If you were a missionary for our church out preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and came across a gay couple and started teaching them, what would you teach about eternal families and temple marriage, and eternal life?

I hate to play the religion card but when it comes right down to it, as members we have the HUGE responsibility of teaching others about salvation. Unfortunately, some of the teachings of Christ conflict with popular schools of thought among men.

Despite all the scientific findings that either say homosexuality is perfectly harmless or that homosexuality is harmful to society, for me it boils down to the eternal perspective: eternal life. According to the the teachings of Christ, only man and woman sealed together in the holy bonds of matrimony will receive eternal life. Therefore, I feel it's my responsibility and duty to help others understand that doctrine. I'm even willing to go as far as protecting the definition of marriage - that is between a man and a woman. Yes, that is unfair to gay couples. God's ways are not always fair in our human eyes. But God is always right, and God has set up the human race in families - husband, wife, and children. "Marriage is ordained of God."

For me personally (and this is just my own opinion) I feel we would be doing a huge disservice to ourselves and society outside of the church by condoning gay marriage just to 'solve' the issue and controversy.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that you're trying to please the gay community and the religious community at the same time with this 'solution.' I'm not sure if that will work.

Now I know I'm going to get a back-lash of comments arguing certain points about this, but this is how I feel. So judge me. :)

Kristi said...

I agree with Kari and Nick. I'm not the one to say whether this is a political or religious issue, but since my religion is my life and not just a Sunday outing, it is my responsibility to stand behind our beliefs at any cost. I don't think God would feel that a "fair solution" is right at all. Should we shun gays? No, of course not. But does that mean we should condone it? Again, of course not. This may be a political issue, but we should be voting for those leaders that will instill the values we believe in. Don't take the easy way out to avoid conflict.

Sandi said...

Amberly, I am fully aware of the stand the church as taken and in the world as it is now, I have to go along with that stand, however, I have maintained for years that the solution is to have the government get out of the institution of marriage and have the church regulate it. No same sex marriage in our church, end of story.