Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today I'm grateful for:

  • a fantastic vacation with family
  • that my children have involved grandparents who have a vested interest in their happiness and well-being
  • for a husband. a really really good one.
  • angels on the airplane, both seen and unseen
  • escort passes at the airport, and grandma. those things are lifesavers!
  • the opportunity to step away from reality long enough to gain new perspective
  • healthy, independent children
  • senenca's new-found singing voice
  • cooper's continued understanding and helpfulness
  • beckham's jolly kicks
  • new teeth in two little mouths.
  • the abundance of stuff in this house... and the opportunity to get rid of some of it!
  • the fact that we are fully clothed every day and the washer and dryer that keep it that way
  • my testimony of prayer and of my Father in Heaven. I honestly don't know how people go through a day without Him.
  • new projects to embark on
  • Home.


Emily said...

Amen to escort passes! I just got one and helped Annie get on the plane with her 2 kids, carseats, stroller, diaperbags, etc!

Sandi said...

Great list. I always have to stop and think what I am thankful for when I read these posts. Sometimes I forget to do that.

Amy said...

what are your new projects??!

The Silly Witch said...

I love these lists of yours. Here's mine:

1-Trash pick up
2-Hot, running water
3- Gas stoves
4- Pencils
5- My house, intact
6- My community center, with a generator so I can read your thoughts and RESPOND