Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Today I'm grateful for...

- early morning shopping trips. the store is empty except for helpful people stocking shelves, it is quiet and I can find everything I need quickly... and I can do it alone.

- opportunities to teach our children. There are native american events going on all week for various reasons and sunday evening took us to the Heard Museum for a reception. The kids enjoyed watching the dancing, denten and I enjoyed seeing the museum and meeting people denten associates with every day.

- people who respond to emails promptly. I've got several projects up in the air and it is so helpful when people reply quickly and push forward my progress.

- the ability to sleep soundly. I have a blog friend who has been having trouble sleeping lately and I'm so grateful I don't have that problem. I need me snoozes to get me through the day and I am grateful that my mind isn't cluttered with junk that keeps me awake.

- examples. cooper has decided that seneca does everything he does and is trying to teach her "good" things... as opposed to the alternative. it's so fun to watch him patiently guide her through tasks and play and see them both get excited when she succeeds. On the other hand, beckham is learning much too quickly the not-so-great behaviors seneca occasionally displays, but I suppose the thing to be grateful for there is that he's a fast learner, the little smarty-pants!

- a husband who is passionate about the work he does and the people he serves. late nights away from home are only hard if I don't think he's happy, but when I know what he's working toward and the excitement he gets from what he's doing, I'll be ready and waiting with a smile whenever he makes it home to us.

- good, honest conversation. with my parents, sisters, and friends. you inspire and uplift me and I appreciate that.


Holladay Photo said...

true blessings - all of them!

Annika said...

Very nice. You are always good at being grateful.

I have been doing my photos in Adobe photoshop. It is such a nice way to display multiple photos without it going on forever.

Lindsay said...

amberly, i've really enjoyed seeing lots more of you lately. found it a pleasure to get to know you better.