Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Simple Joys

  • Have you seen this yet?  Stephanie and Christian's daughters are so sweet.  Cooper overheard the music this morning as I was watching and he sat and watched the clip three or four more times.  He's been playing this afternoon with the song in his head and occasionally I'll hear him, "once there was a way... to get back home..."  He picked it up quickly and uses such a sweet quiet voice. 
  • Packages.  We love them.  Halloween books came today from grandma Robinson.  It's amazing that after hearing a story once, Coop can remember enough of it to repeat it to Seneca. 
  • Three quiet hours this afternoon to write and work on my projects.  Bliss.
  • Beckham laughing his head off at his silly brother.
  • Monday night I overindulged in Alicia's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies mentioning that I'd really appreciate the recipe and that she was welcome to deliver it with 2 dozen cookies.  Well, what do you know, she did just that!  Bless her!
  • Seneca  wandering around the house with the telephone up to her ear saying, "hi, hi, hi... da-da."
  • Dinner prepared in my fridge (and not by me!).  Pop in the oven for 30 minutes and voila, food for the fam.  Bless the over-worked, under-paid woman down the street.
  • Baking sugar cookies with Coop.  It's been a long time since I made them, I always think sugar cookies are such an undertaking that the hassle and mess have deterred me.  I've decided I don't need to think of it that way... it didn't take that long and Cooper had a ball with the dough and cookie cutters.
  • The Suns are on my TV right now and are currently ahead of the Spurs.  Keep it up, boys.

I think a pedicure this evening just might top it all off... it's been a LONG time.  It's a good day, my friends. 


Scrap Happy said...

I decided my enchiladas need to be cooked the same day they are prepared. I was not a fan of the mushy tortillas inside. Ugh. Sorry.

Croslands said...

That song is sweet. Sounds like it was a good day. If the game was on does that mean that Dent was home? or do you watch the game when he's not around?

Sandi said...

I wish I had known more about the concert. I was totally in the dark about it, but have found the blog, read the story, cried, and thanked my Heavenly Father for my life.

Tricia said...

Ambers, I think you are living what we all wish we had again. Enjoy every moment. They are precious. Love you.

Tricia said...

Ambers, I think you are living what we all wish we had again. Enjoy every moment. They are precious. Love you.

321forme said...

Can I go with you for that pedicure?