Friday, October 31, 2008

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Voting at home with an early voting ballot is kind of like taking an open book test. I like those. I like that I had time to research the candidates on my ballot that I had never heard of. I'm simply not out in the world every day and therefore was not informed adequately on some of my local choices. With the internet at my fingers, my husband and friends to clarify certain positions, I feel confident that my ballot is complete and ready to join the ranks of those whose probably won't make a darn difference at all, but hey, I exercised my right to its fullest. This method was much favored over me walking into a polling booth and marking up names who had a nice ring to them, dispite the magic the booth may hold.

Oh, and it's halloween. For a mom who doesn't care one way or the other about this holiday, I sure feel like I've done a lot of it this week. Full post and pics to come... Cooper has informed me that Halloween is not here yet. I'll let you know when it shows up. He woke up to a double dose of disappointment this morning as first, his glo-stick was no longer glowing (curse the short life span of weird glowy liquid) and second, the most coveted helium balloon obtained at his party yesterday was lying on the floor. It was a sad sad morning as we discussed that glowy liquid and helium simply don't last forever, gosh darn it.

Other rambling thoughts in my head this morning... Bex is headed to the dr. today. Will she tell me I'm feeding my child too much? Let's just say that his output lately has been great...does that mean his intake is too high? Yeah, we'll see. I leave town tomorrow and will gone for 5 glorious days. Why does a vacation require so much work? Gotta have the house clean, the laundry caught up and multiple meals prepared so the one taking my place doesn't die at the thought of staying here with my three little hooligan angels. Oh, and it's halloween. does seneca really need a costume? She doesn't care, so why am I such a grinch if I don't spend hours and lots of dollars on such things? Oh shoot, gotta take the potatoes out of the oven... be back later... if you're lucky.


Tricia said...

does Seneca care? Probably not, until she asks what she was for Halloween. The pictures will tell the story. Just enjoy the different kind of joy that comes from 'getting ready'. It is always more fun to anticipate.
love you

Wade and Katelyn said...

yes. she absolutely needs a costume and so does bex. i can't believe you even asked that question.

Deirdre Eagar said...

Oh if only I had a girl to dress up in a costume!! Imagine the ruffles and sparkles. I think I only like Halloween cause my Mom hated it. Oh the spite of a teenager....its still in me!!