Saturday, November 29, 2008

friday- grateful week

  • I am super grateful for long weekends... I could totally get used to having denten around this much!
  • I'm grateful for family bike rides. For cooper's really strong muscles in his legs when we're going up a hill and for beckham's giggles from the bike trailer.
  • I'm grateful for holidays, they break up our daily life and are fun to decorate for.
  • I'm grateful for music as it is becoming a constant around here. Even beckham has learned to head bop in order to dance with everyone else.
  • I'm grateful for the bathtub and for hot water and soap as seneca needed all of the above badly after our delicious pasta dinner last night. I think she set new records for how much laughter our little dinner table can produce as she continued her silliness. Seriously, pasta sauce EVERYWHERE.
  • I'm grateful that Taisey no longer needs to be pregnant after today... good luck you two, can't wait to meet him!

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juliancalebmomma said...

I am grateful for your grateful list! Thanksgiving is the best- I love having Ian around too.