Friday, November 28, 2008

thursday- grateful week

  • I'm grateful for a good morning run.
  • I'm grateful for dear friends who made thanksgiving away from family easy and fun.. and delicious!
  • I'm grateful for the time denten and I were able to spend in the kitchen together.
  • I'm grateful that the kids had a fabulous time...they were as crazy as wild animals, but they laughed and played a lot. at one point (after the table had been cleared) seneca was spotted climbing from a chair onto the table and running full speed to the other end laughing her head off as cooper sat at the far end his volume increasing as she neared, "she's gonna step in my ice cream!" apparently a big long table makes a great runway.
  • I'm grateful beckham was a good sport with the madness and patiently waited his turn to eat.
  • I'm grateful the day ended with a clean kitchen and DVR'd 24. Happy Thanksgiving to me!

*cooper did eat turkey, I just took great care to call it "meat." highlight of the meal for him was the sparkly concoction in his cup... thanks emily!!

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Stephens Family said...

Ah, I had a feeling he would like that sparkly concoction...most do!! Tell Coop thanks for wearing Dylan out so much that he was down and out 5 minutes after we got home...and we too got to watch our DVR'd 24...SO good!