Wednesday, November 26, 2008

wednesday- grateful week

It was a rainy, overcast day and I'm grateful today for the simple life.

  • I'm grateful that I didn't have any pressing need to leave the house today, that we could stay in cozy clothes and enjoy home.
  • I'm grateful for simple play: blankets over the dining room table and flashlights. takes me back to days in the duplex and those were good days.
  • I'm grateful for innocent conversation. Cooper gave me a few good ones today. He has overheard the fact that we typically eat turkey on Thanksgiving and has informed me that he doesn't like to eat animals. I tried to explain that chicken, pork, ham, etc. were once animals, but it's not the same. The picture in his head of those things are meat, edible meat. The picture in his head of a turkey still has a head and feathers and he can't fathom eating it. I told him that when Taisey brings the turkey tomorrow, it will look and taste just like chicken. It didn't fly. He has generalized his lack of eating meat to anything on the farm. If only he knew...
  • I'm grateful for great primary teachers. Cooper has grasped the concept the last few weeks that Jesus is our older brother and that he is coming again. We're still working on when he might arrive as tonight in his prayers he asked that Jesus could come on Thanksgiving. Maybe next year?
  • I'm grateful that my kids are creative and that they play well together.
  • I'm grateful for the things I was able to accomplish today.
  • I'm really grateful Denten gets to be home with us tomorrow!

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Croslands said...

So did Cooper like the turkey? I don't think that Charlie has really put that together yet.