Thursday, November 6, 2008

A mini-vacae

I'm home and my mini-vacation was fab. Little Tessa Jane received a name and a blessing Sunday from her sweet daddy and he did a wonderful job.
Here's the fam at the Montage. A super place, if you're ever in the area.

The handsome guy I married
Dad, Kate and I near the tide pools. Aside from the fact that I'm cold wherever I happen to be, it was incredibly pleasant out.

Little Tess with her Grandma and Grandpa

These are the cheeks I got to kiss on for a few days. Yes, they are precious.

Sunday evening we sent all the boys on their way and took off for Newport.. girls only. We shopped a lot and ate a lot and talked a lot. We laughed and remembered and planned and laughed some more. My mom is really good for laughs. I slept and read and didn't worry one little bit about what was happening at home. I walked into a perfectly clean house with perfectly clean children who had been fed and played with and had clean laundry in all of their drawers. Rachel may have crashed when she got home and may need some serious recovery time, but if my happy children and orderly home are anything to show for it, this woman is fabulous.

I really enjoyed a change of pace for a few days. It's nice to give my brain a little break from the children and routine that usually consumes it. Fresh perspective is always welcome. As is a shopping trip... thank you dad for providing a wonderful getaway and thank you mom and sisters for the time and experience. Now back to the business of running this household.. it's not a bad job I have.


Katelyn & Wade said...

holy crap that is a cute baby. i think i'll go kiss her right now.

Joni said...

Looks like a fun little trip indeed. Glad you had a great time. And I agree with you on Aunt Tam being good for a laugh. She made us laugh our heads off when we visited to look for Cammi's dress! It was fun!

kari said...

How FUN!! How was Newport? I've never been but we are going next April. I'm so glad you got a deserve it!!! Your family looks great. And of course you do, too! :)

PS - Karalee is in my ward. I meant to tell you that she recognized you from my blog. She said she remembers going to your baby shower for Coop! Small world, isn't it?!

Tutz said...

What a great time! Thanks for going. It is not too early to start planning for next year! Girl's trips are the best!

Lindsay said...

oh her bonnet kills me.

Michelle Burk said...

What a great time. Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. I'd love to hold that sweet little baby. I'm glad you were there and could savor the time. Tessa will grow way too fast.

MOM 2 TMSB said...

Food? Shopping? Conversation? I'm almost to the point where I have to google those words. And could you and your sister please not look so good after having babies? That would be much appreciated.

Stephens Family said...

1st off, you look like your Dad. I love to see photos of people with their families so I can see who they look like. 2nd your green shirt and capris are cute!! You look very Newportish. : ) And 3rd, sounds like you had a fab time! Good for you!!

Jaime said...

I REALLY like Denten's glasses! I gotta show those to Mark who is in the market for some new specs. What a gorgeous family - if only NYC were a regular stop-off for you guys... Pity me!

Loved talking to you the other night!!

321forme said...

How fun and refreshing to be able to get away even if just for a minute! Tess is sure a cutie. And HOLY COW! BJ is SO stinkin' tall!

Long Family said...

Hi Amberly,
So fun to get a comment from you on my blog! (I think little vacations like that are healthy, they do so much for the soul-) it's great to see pictures of your cute family!