Monday, November 10, 2008

a new week

Tonight I'm grateful for the safe return of my boys. They took a quick road trip to utah for a funeral and I'm glad they had a good trip. It is amazingly quiet around here when you eliminate the energy of one four-year-old child. Senenca took the reigns and enjoyed leading beckham around in coop's absence, but after a short time they both missed their brother. I'm grateful that they play well together and that I was able to get some work done this weekend.

I'm grateful for eryka and her monthly commitment to gratitude. She is one of many moms I'd like to emulate as she truly enjoys her role as a mother and relishes in the daily delights of her children. From afar, she has a healthy marriage where drew is her best friend and they are completely content having adventures together as a family. She makes me miss former days, but also appreciate this technology that allows me to continue to be uplifted and inspired.

I'm grateful for people around me who love my children, who take the time to interact with them, to teach and play and exercise patience. As I navigated church alone today, I was grateful for Joyce who just had to smile at Beckham to make him giggle incessantly. I was grateful for the unknown sister who sat behind me and made Seneca's sweet face light up every time she turned around. I'm grateful for Kim for cuddling with my baby and giving me a rare opportunity to participate fully in Taisey's lesson. I'm grateful for Ashley and Lindsay and their positive comments about Seneca in nursery. She loves that experience and I'm so glad that she's easy and happy in nursery.

I'm grateful for Sister Mortimer and her testimony today that reminded me that there is a flip side to everything and that when things are low, there is always a blessing or alternate way of viewing the situation if I change my thinking.

I'm grateful Shellie made dinner easy for me tonight.

I'm grateful for a new week because I have lots to do! I'm grateful for the opportunity to try again this week, to do a little better than I did last week, to be a little more patient, show a little more affection, communicate a little better and work a little harder. I'm grateful my Heavenly Father knows me and sees fit to bless me endlessly.


Joni said...

I LOVE reading your blog! It inspires me. I've probably said this before, but you help remind be to have gratitude for more and more things!

Tutz said...

Thanks for your gratitude and positive example. I think you are doing GREAT! I'm happy to hear others love your children, too. Grams sure loves them!