Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas was...

one of firsts. beckham's and tessa's. bex, a jolly, self-content little boy who got smooched so much I don't know how he still has cheeks. tessa a perfectly groomed little lady always looking her finest and capturing everyone's awe.

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 032 wade and katelyn's camera - 052

tobogganing. behind the polaris, slowly. down the chute, fast. over the snow bank catching air and landing in a tangled heap laughing so hard we couldn't move.

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 095 Lindsay's cameras - 117

skiing. cooper's first time. all of mom's hesitations and worries were unfounded for sure. he was, in his teachers words, "the happiest kid on the mountain." a quick learner, one who verbally shares his joy with anyone within a 50 yard radius.

coop chair lift Ski Brundage 2008  - 44 Ski Brundage 2008  - 48

the talent show. the pictures reveal too much... too much "tight"ness, too much skin, too many flared nostrils, too much laughter and not nearly the embarrassment that should have been present.

rosy cheeks. cooper was outside all day every day. if he wasn't skiing, or snowshoeing, he was sledding over and over and over. he and dad made a luge run down the back stairs, around the turn, and down more stairs... it was fabulous.

snow angel tubing

cozy. an actual wood-burning fire in the fireplace every day. hand and toe warmers purchased in bulk. heated floors throughout the place. more of a blessing for my cold-destined body than any of you will understand.

bex and fire

culinary delights. kate's muffins, lindsay's pancakes and popcorn, mom's cookies and sourdough pancakes and divine dinners every night.

together. movies under blankets, games bringing competiveness to the surface, quiet early morning reads.

snowshoeing. into the untouched to find a tree and through the darkness to find our dinner in a cozy yurt. without children. read: much needed.

group snowshoe Lindsay's cameras - 022

beanbags. "does anyone want to go downstairs and have some fun?"

grandma and grandpa. grandpa playing with beckham endlessly. humoring cooper, laughing at senny and being oh so sweet with tess. grandma sacrificing her vacation so we could have one... taking care of children so their parents could play!

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 104

scenery. the slowly-freezing lake, trees appearing to be frosted and so much snow it hid us from the rest of the world for a week.

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 001 Ski Brundage 2008  - 17

saying goodbye. it's ok, there really is only one and only AB.

hot tub. attempting to make it in and out without our feet freezing off. enjoying the vegas light show and great conversation. and the snow mom dumped on our heads.

wade and katelyn's camera - 135

cousins. tickles, kisses, cuddles and laughter.

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 081 Lindsay's cameras - 018

christmas morning. the anticipation, the giving, the tutus, harrie wins the prize for best gift this year.

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 054 Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 068 senny's tutu

aunt lindsay and uncle ben. need I say more? if only all children were as fortunate to have these in their lives.

Christmas Eve and Day 2008 - 061 Lindsay's cameras - 101 wade and katelyn's camera - 145


ab and dent in the yurt sample fam3

and one wonders why we're having a hard time adjusting back to reality...


The Malone's said...

You're last family photo looks like it belongs in an LL Bean catalog! I'm glad you guys had a great time.

Kristi said...

Sounds like a dream! So glad you guys had such a fantastic Christmas!

Joni said...

It looks and sounds like you guys had the perfect Christmas!

Jaime said...

All I can say is wow! Can I come next year?

The Silly Witch said...

It looks like the ideal Christmas. I miss snow!

Partridge Family said...

Wow! I love the family picture at the bottom. You guys have doubled in size since I saw the last family picture. The last one I saw was at your parents flat in England. It was only the 4 siblings and 2 spouses. It is amazing how fast families grow and how wonderful it is to watch them grow.

Natalie said...

What a great Christmas! I'm glad you had such a wonderful holiday!