Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Ten for Dent

Top Ten Reasons I love Denten Today:

10. He took over the household yesterday while I was down and out. Got kids up, fed, dressed, the whole works. happy new year, babe.
9. He helped me get dinner ready for two families who had been promised dinner despite my sickly state.
8. He changed crib sheets. I was so out of it I didn't even realize this one until today. I really don't like that job, so I appreciate that one an extra amount.
7. He made it so my shower has hot, and I mean HOT water and lots of good pressure. It has been struggling since we changed out the water heater and I have been dreading my sub-par showers. Today's was absolutely fabulous.
6. He turned up the heat when he came downstairs this morning. Maybe he did this for him, but having the thermostat go up is always a blessing for me.
5. He got both babies up this morning and assisted them in obtaining dry diapers before turning them over to me. It seems like a little thing, but it helped the morning go smoothly for me.
4. He lowered Beckham's crib. The little guy was on the edge of toppling right over and that's a job I can't do alone.
3. He put all of the photos I was having trouble accessing onto the external hard drive to make finishing my project so much easier.
2. Our christmas tree is gone... no signs remain. This occurred sometime while I was sleeping.
1. He went to work today. My immediate thought is that I would much rather have him home, but as he explained to Cooper this morning, if he didn't go to work we would have to live on the street and we don't want that, do we?

I've been disliking the division of labor that is the standard around here lately. I've been craving more partnership and teamwork. More simply noticing what needs to be done and doing it in an attempt to make life easy and smooth here. It it a big deal to me when Denten is thoughtful and does things in our home that make life easier for me. I love you, babe!


tenacious d said...

(Standing ovation for Denten) Way to go! You're a gem!

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you're sick sister! I'm also glad you're not married to a selfish pig!

Joni said...

Haha..ditto to lindsays comment!

Sandi said...

I knew I liked Denton. Hope you feel better.