Sunday, January 18, 2009


thank you to all of you who seem to know I can complete a half-marathon. the fact is that I have actually already done it... but it was before children, which is significant when considering both the state of my body as well as my time availability to train. both are easily overcome, but I'm having issue with my terrain... running in riverside park through big trees next to the river with manhattan as my soundtrack, that was inviting. running through flat brown ghetto south phoenix with identical stucco houses as my landscape? somewhat different and not so inspiring. we're working through it.

and no, I'm not pregnant. wouldn't that be something?!


Torey said...

I know what you mean about the terrain of Phoenix... Sometimes I actually prefer running on a treadmill where at least I can look at interior design instead of exterior blah! I also have a very (hush) secret goal to run a half marathon but I've discovered post-delivery, child-laden training workouts are so much different than those pre-child days.

Deanna said...

Hey Amberly,
Just to give you hope I know you can complete one even AFTER having babies! I completed my first and only after I had Micah with only 8 weeks of training. I finished in 1 hour and 49 minutes. I did most of my training on my treadmill and one long run per week on Saturday mornings in Central Park. Yeah, I know I am crazy to run on a treadmill while living in the City but it was WINTER and 8 miles on a treadmill was better in my mind then running outside. I know I'm funny.

I say this all without the knowledge of your goal time. May I ask what your goal is? Please tell me. My goal and always will be is to finish under 2 hours. Heck, finishing is successful all in itself. I currently have just started running again consistently and hope to be running a half sometime in the Spring.

Good Luck! Let us know what race you sign up for. You're a Superstar!

Wade and Katelyn said...


this is where the mental strength comes into play. and this we all know you have oodles of. you must look for the beauty in all things, CREATE the experience you want. that is your theme after all.

Lindsay said...

i say, put on your running shoes and count how many seconds it takes to get from your closet to the freezer to get out your ice cream!