Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday in the backyard

Eat your heart out, grandma.


They were so happy, until we tortured them.  Then Cooper tried to find zen while Beckham couldn't have been happier.


The best we could do.


And then came the Robinson Olympic Gymnastic trials...


IMG_5061a     IMG_5054  IMG_5051     

And to end the show, Beckham, standing on his own.  don't you just want to squish him?  I do.  



Dave and Treona said...

Looks like a wonderful Saturday afternoon! Although, I have to admit that I'm jealous you are all outside in t-shirts. It was 15 degrees here today! Arizona sounds wonderful. When can I move near you? :)

Karen said...

How fun. I love the pictures.

Holladay Photo said...

definitely want to squish beckham!..and the other cuties too! that's a pretty good cartwheel you've got! were you a gymnast?

Wade and Katelyn said...

I think Bex is saying in a deep voice, "And now presenting..."

citymama1 said...

I agree. I want to squish him... ;)

Nice cartwheels!

Annika said...

Beckham just looks so squeezable. The double chin and chubby checks are killing me. He looks like one happy kid.

Rebekah said...

Looks like a very fun weekend. I can't beleive it, well more jealous, you can do a cart wheel still. I tried a few weeks ago and pulled a muscle. Not bad, but... ugh.
Your kids are so cute.
Happy Early Birthday to Beckham, from Diana