Friday, January 16, 2009

one word

I learned great things in 2008. I learned new things and was reminded of things regarding who I am and what I'm on this earth to do. I learned that I am capable of so much more than I was giving myself credit for and that I am destined to do great things. I don't mean to be conceited. Whoever happens to read this, you are destined to do great things, too...

I am the one who decides how this life is going to go for me.  My Father in Heaven has a plan for me and his will trumps mine once in a while, but I choose my situation, my reactions, my moods and my environment.  It's empowering and intimidating all at once to realize that one can be, have and do anything.  It's more empowering and less intimidating when I remember that I'm not alone in these endeavors.  I don't create alone, I've got a partner and co-creating is a great plan.  Having the Lord as my co-creator, I won't fail.   My word this year is


There are lots and lots of things I want to create this year.  Some will be completed and some only started, but all will exist for me in 2009.

Here's a peek of a few of the things that I want to create this year:

  • a peaceful home
  • a great learning environment for my children
  • great experiences with my family
  • fun memories with my kids
  • money
  • clients
  • scrapbook layouts
  • easy healthy dinners
  • laughter
  • order
  • music
  • a beautiful home
  • alone time with my husband
  • alone time for me
  • more reading time with my children
  • stronger friendships
  • strength for my business
  • a strong, healthy body
  • a successful half-marathon
  • more affection in my home
  • a better understanding of the atonement
  • a deeper relationship with my Savior
  • outdoor adventures with my family
  • a specific figure in our savings account
  • a stronger sense of unity in our relief society
  • more exposure to the scriptures

Two schools of thought:  one, the list is ambitious.  two, don't we all want these things anyway?  None of the dreams above are anywhere near impossible.  Well, maybe the half marathon, but that's just me.  They're all possible and defining them further will only bring them closer to existing for me.  Some will happen one at a time, some will occur simultaneously.  All will bring me closer to who I'm supposed to be becoming. 

This week I created a date with my husband.  Now I should probably recreate what I currently look like if it's going to live up to my expectations.  'Cause he only kisses the pretty girls.  What are you going to create this year?


Kristi said...

I think I will just print off your list and say "ditto." I would like to create peace and harmony in my home. I would like to create a stronger feeling of self worth, a better plan for getting through each week organized, quality time for Josh and I, quality time with each of my children, a stellar family vacation, . . . I would have to sit and think a bit, but I love that you've got me thinking about it! I always end up doing that after reading your posts! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

you can totally do a half-marathon. if i can do one, you can easily do one!

Annika said...

All wonderful choices! The marathon is probably really the easiest when you think about it, most the other things involve other people. So go for it, it's all you!

Emily said...

You go girl!

Dave and Treona said...

Oh I miss you! What a wonderful, encouraging, optimistic, hopeful post. Keep on creating!

tenacious d said...

You can do a half, no problem. You might like the book, "Run Less, Run Faster".

That is a great list. There's just enough reaching, but everything is do-able.