Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,

I miss you. My mother is being really mean.
She will not give me cookies on demand like you will. I've been asking ALL DAY.

She will take me for the occasional walk, but I think it's for her own sanity.
I've got lots of cool toys, but I really wish you were here to play with me.

I wish you were here to sneak me out of my bed because I have protested loud and clear and they still put me in there!

I just wanted to write and say thanks for the awesome shoes.
I appreciate that you understand what a girl really wants, besides cookies, I mean.
I'm pretty much the coolest girl on the block in these kicks.

I love you Grandpa. Come rescue me when you get a chance.

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Kristi said...

Grandpas are a special thing - I think that has been the biggest withdrawal for my kids! Grandma, too, but especially grandpa.

kari said...

SOOO CUTE! I laughed through the enitre 'letter' to grandpa. What a riot! And the whole outfit is kickin', not just the shoes!

Michelle Burk said...

She needs to meet Brinley. They'd be best friends.

Holladay Photo said...

so very cute. love this post. i also liked your resolutions post a bit ago about obedience...that was a principle that was so clearly taught with all the promised blessings in the home i grew up in. mark and i have been talking about resolutions and realize that would be a good one for us to tune up too. love your blog!

Katelyn & Wade said...

i want a cookie too senny.

Amy said...

I think Zack will have similar sentiments when he is no longer living with Nana! It could be a rough transition!

Emily said...

What a cutie pie!