Friday, January 9, 2009

purging my head

relief society lesson schedule done.
coop likes breakfast burritos.
one load of laundry down.
cookie=food in senny's mind.
lame-o national championship game last night.
missing friends that are faraway.
dad tricking me when I called last night. I broke the "don't call after 10" rule.
laughing with mom on the phone. that felt good.
wishing katelyn would show up on my doorstep.
so glad it's friday.
unmotivated to do chores.
eency-weency spider 10 times today.
wheels on the bus a close second.
beckham looking like he's on drugs. he's not, but probably wishes he were. stuffy head.
loving shoes seneca can put on by herself.
grateful for a quiet morning.
need to finish new year blurb. need inspiration.
need a nap.
grateful denten can let seneca cry it out. it worked.
what's for dinner tonight?
beckham chewing on coop's toothbrush. gross.
dentist appointment made.
derm appointment made.
need to make appointment for dutch.
children entertaining themselves and laughing a lot.
beckham saying "da-da-da" over and over. I miss him too.
tomorrow is saturday.
need lunch.
I am going to have to buy diapers for all of 2009. tell myself not to think about it.
beckham's cheeks are yummy. the ones on his face.
cooper playing the piano.
grateful a place in st. george worked out.
who is going to watch my children?
need to put my clean rugs back in the bathroom.
I like coop's new pants.
Cooper sharing his water with his sister.
water all over the floor.
at least he knows to clean it up.
seneca needs different shoes.
gotta end this.
i'm done.


Michelle Burk said...

The endless to do list . . . on and on it goes. Your life sounds like mine! That's why they invented spas.

Joni said...

I'm sooo glad you cleared up Beckham's cheeks on his face are yummy. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what to think. J/k :)

Emily said...

If it makes you feel any better I have been buy diapers (sometimes more than one size at a time) nonstop for almost 8 years now.

Yikes! That means I've been changing buns for eight years too. That's an awful lot of bun changin. And it will be at least 10 years straight of it when I'm finished.

Emily said...

I meant "buying" diapers, not buy diapers.

Did I mention I've also been seriously sleep deprived for 8 years too?

Sandi said...

LOL I have sooo been there. I again offer to sit with your children so you can have a few hours of quiet with Denton.