Monday, January 5, 2009

mellow... and maddening.

I'm ok with sick days once in a while. A chance to be home and quiet, a chance for the kids to rest and for me to get a few things done. My children are mellow and cuddly when they don't feel well and are content to simply let me hold them. They typically sleep well and are especially peaceful when they sleep. This describes Coop and Beckham today.

Little Miss Seneca, on the other hand, has been, if I may be frank, a holy terror. This girl has some serious stubborn in her and will not be negotiated with. She will fight until she wins and this practice has proven to be amusing, exhausing and exasperating. She is screaming in her bed like the world is coming crashing through her window until the second I walk in and then she quits and smiles at me with triumph. Little does she know, I can hold my own. All things edible are considered "cookies" and must be had at her beck and call. I vaugely remember this stage with Cooper, the few months where they know exactly what they want and not quite how to express it... testing all limits and boundaries. This little girl posesses endurance, I'll give her that! Heaven help her easy-going little brother! and heaven help her parents.

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bryn said...

just keep going, you know she will grow out of this soon. :) and just think what blessings she will receive in life by having such a strong spirit. p.s. i love all her shoes, reminds me of ainsley's closet.