Thursday, January 29, 2009

seen and heard around here

Heard: Cooper saying, "mom, I really think I need to stop eating fruits and vegetables."

Heard: Seneca stopping midway through lunch demanding that we all fold our arms. We had forgotten the prayer.

Seen: Mom incredibly out of her element in the wine aisle at Fresh and Easy trying to find the right one for a recipe.

Heard: Beckham and Seneca laughing from some undisclosed location upstairs.

Seen: Seneca hiding in mom's room using mom's make-up brushes to tickle Beckham's face.

Seen, and heard: Seneca running at full speed through the library laughing her head off.

Seen: Cooper balancing on top of six pillows engrossed in new library books.

Heard: Dad shaved seven minutes off of his mile swim, in less than a week!

Heard: Amberly sending out a message to the universe that she really needed a treat today.

Seen: Jackie showing up at the door with cookies... just for me!

Seen: Seneca trying to steal my cookies.


Ms. JoAnn said...

very creative and fun post, i love the part of seneca running through the library, that could definately be one of my kids.

Sandi said...

Now, that was truly a "breath of fresh air"

kari said...

Aren't kids great? They keep things exciting!

Jana said...

It was a good 30 minutes I just spend catching up on your blog. And I enjoyed every second of it. I want those Book of Mormon dvd's. That would beat wow wow wubbzy anyday!! :)
I am also very jealous of the nice weather you get to enjoy. As I sit here in yet ANOTHER horrific snow storm. Which means I will not be running today. :)