Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today I'm grateful for...

- the songs this boy keeps singing

- my running pants from wadey. I love them.

- honey glazed whole wheat pretzels from fresh and easy. so delish.

- this fantastic weather

- my library card

- emily's recipe for mexican corn chowder

- cheeks to kiss

- periodic phone calls from dad, just to check in

- clean bathrooms

- these eyelashes

- the pajamas my mom gave me

- I really want to be grateful for wireless internet miracles, but alas, today I do not have one. I did yesterday, though. I suppose I'll be grateful for that.

- these little people


Wade and Katelyn said...

Well, I am not grateful that I can't hear the songs, kiss those cheeks, tickle the eyelashes. Nope, not grateful at all.

bryn said...

a too cute family; and great things to be grateful for.

Natalie said...

Those are great things to be grateful for. I'm so glad that things are going so well!

Nancy said...

your little people are awesome. i'd like to meet them someday. well, i've met cooper.

Ms. JoAnn said...

i adore your sweet family, thanks for sharing