Saturday, November 28, 2009

blessings on saturday.

1. I'm grateful for my family. They were all together for Thanksgiving and I missed them. I love my own little family and we had a great time with friends, but I truly enjoy being with my family and I'm grateful for that.

2. I'm grateful for great baby-sitters. The kind you can leave your kids with and know everything will get done well... naps, dinner, bedtime, and playtime instead of tv. When I have time away from my children, I don't want to be worrying about them the whole time. Good baby-sitters are wonderful blessings.

3. I'm grateful for the peace I feel in my life.

4. I'm grateful for pot stickers. and Asian food in general, but particularly pot stickers tonight.

5. I'm grateful for disposable diapers. With two little bottoms going through multiple daily, there is absolutely zero desire on my part to save the environment through cloth diapers. I'll find other ways to be green... as for the bottoms, pampers cruisers are the only way to go.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Amen on the diapers sista.