Monday, November 16, 2009

Gratitude month is amazing!

We've hit the half-way mark of our gratitude month and I'm loving it. I love that there are SO MANY participating. I love the little glimpses I get into your lives by reading your daily five. Everyone has put their own spin on how they're documenting their blessings... some have clever titles for their posts, some play catch-up when they miss a day, some follow a pattern when recounting their gratefuls while others are quite random. Some have chosen to focus on one thing at a time rather than five and others have lists that go on and on. I have read apologies about how trivial a blessing may seem, and apologies to readers who may be getting tired of reading about gratefuls. I'm releasing the guilt and the feeling that any potential blessing is trivial.

The hundreds of blessings recorded in the past 16 days have served us in one way or another. They bring joy, peace, laughter, contentment, a moment of reflection and a security in our faith. I love that I can tell what you value most by reading your list. I can sense the complete adoration Rebecca has for Lillian and her sweet healthy body. I can tell how much Diane values mealtime with her boys and teaching her son how to prepare great meals. Jaime is way past due for her own washer and dryer and will be rewarded with stellar ones in her next life. Jana has a home that fosters an environment where her children are each other's best friends. Amy believes in miracles and has an eternally optimistic outlook. Katelyn has a marriage in which her husband is also truly her best friend. Misty also values great food and I wish I lived closer to her to try all the creations that come out of her kitchen. Torey is anticipating a move and is grateful for things that make it a smooth transition. Joni lives a simple life and appreciates the small things that make her day great. Erin loves where she lives and takes advantage of great opportunities around her. Aubrey has an adorable little girl who discovers new things daily and is grateful not to miss those moments. Kim is in love with two men, one slightly smaller than the other, but they both fill her whole soul with joy. Kristina loves a clean home. Leslie is thrifty and creative. Emily takes time to miss one who is not here anymore and enjoy one who is. Julie is clever as all get-out. Kendra has a wonderful husband and healthy children and she knows it and does not take them for granted. Maren is the most down-to-earth, calm mother I know and has so much of my admiration. Debbie seeks out opportunities to serve and is blessed immensely in return. Lindsay puts her heart and soul into running a smooth and peaceful household.

See how much I can tell from 5 little blessings?! I love all of you for doing this, it's completely inspiring to me. Keep it up... you're so fantastic!!


Lindsay said...

i continue to appreciate the challenge you started up. and thanks for the compliment in your post. lindsay

Joni said...

i DO enjoy my simple little life, and everything in it. You are such a great observer, and I love ya for it. :)

Jana said...

Out of all the grateful posts, yours truly are some of my favorite. You have a gift of writing!!! And are an inspiration to all of US!

Alyosha said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I have really enjoyed doing these posts.