Monday, November 30, 2009

it's been 30 days.

It's the last day of November. While posting daily was a challenge sometimes, I've been grateful for the opportunity to take a deeper look at the daily blessings I enjoy. I'm also grateful so many of you joined me in counting our blessings. It has been fun for me to have a peek into your lives and the things that happen daily to make you smile. I have amazing blogger friends!! Some might say that the time I spend on this particular endeavor is a waste, but I can not concur. I believe that you are inspiring. You make me want to be a better mother. You help me through potential disasters in my kitchen. You assist with my not-so-crafty side and offer practical relationship tips. You have a strong conviction of your God and the sacrifices you make for your family are commendable. I'm grateful to call you my cyber-friends!

Today I'm grateful for aunt harrie, also known as Lindsay. She's coming in two weeks and my kids can hardly wait. She's pretty much the kind of aunt anybody wishes for. I'm grateful for her patience with me as I consistently fight my tendency to be the nosey, bossy older sister. She has passion for others, deep enough to make her do great things to improve their lives. She is smart and hilarious and gorgeous. I basically love her to pieces.

I'm also grateful for socks and jackets. Very seldom can I be found without one or both on my body. I'm not sure why I was born colder than the majority of the human race, but I'm sure grateful for layers so I can hang out with other humans. Katelyn brought me a costco-size pack of footies last week and I have enjoyed a fun new stripey pair every day. My fav jacket has tried to be replaced several times, but nothing fits quite like the old thing. Warmth. I'm grateful for warmth.

Holiday decorations. We pulled ours out today and I am grateful for the magic that surrounds these fun things for my children. I have great decor that I hold dear, most reminding me of my mother as she is the queen of Christmas decorating. It's fun to share these treasures with my little ones, although having it out for a month and having them keeping their little hands off might be quite the feat!

Music. I'm grateful I learned to play Christmas carols on the piano and that Cooper insists on blasting them through the house. It reminds me what my focus should be when I get distracted. I hope I can make this month magical for my family. Tips appreciated!

Real Christmas trees. I am tempted every year to go easy... artificial, pre-lit, pull it out of a box, but thus far, Denten has kept us authentic. My house smells amazing right now and it's not from a candle. The practice makes me feel as though I'm holding onto something from my childhood as my mother never succumbed to a boxed tree. Last year tromping through the snowy forest of McCall beat all, snowshoes, Ben cutting it down and everyone hauling it out. That's the way to bring home a tree, but fortunately for us here in the desert, Home Depot ships them in. It'll do for now. In fact, it's great for now because my children think playing hide and seek in the tree lot is a pretty great time.

So long, November... it's been a good one!

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