Sunday, December 27, 2009

the nap.

this is not a post about the naptime where denten found beckham diaperless having released his bladder while standing in his crib and hitting surfaces clear across his room.

it is not documenting the naptime in which seneca emptied her entire dresser and was found wearing three different dresses.

this is about MY nap. the one I dream about having because it doesn't happen anymore. Yesterday I retreated to my room after getting the little ones down. I told Denten they were all his for at least one hour, I was off duty. Usually my "naptime" consists of 20-30 minutes of me laying down, maybe reading, maybe attempting to actually sleep but it never really happening.

I made a very wise decision to turn on a humidifier that has an especially loud motor thus drowning out any noise outside my room. After a chapter in my book I closed my eyes. The most wonderful thing happened. I fell into the most fabulous slumber. The kind where I was dreaming clearly. The kind where after two hours I slipped into a fuzzy consciousness just enough to glance at the clock and be astounded at how much time had passed. The kind where my body felt weighted down at my four corners and despite very feeble efforts, could not move and fell back into a blissfully unaware state for another 30 minutes. The kind where I really felt as though I could just keep sleeping for a very long time.

I don't know if it was the humidifier hiding any and all little voices therefore being able to really sleep or the fact that I was truly beyond exhausted, but it was heavenly. So much so that I tried it again today after church. It wasn't quite the out-of-body experience it was yesterday, but it was close. I suppose I should consider myself recharged for a new week and thank my lucky stars. and my husband. Man, I love weekends.


Croslands said...

After you get recharged maybe you should send me that humidifier.
Maybe you should lease it out.
You could make a killing.

Steph said...

Ahhh, yes! We move to the 9am church next week...we're dreaming of Sunday afternoon naps as well!

The Silly Witch said...

Ah, I love ya. I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses a nap due to curious, intelligent, and energetic little ones. I'm so glad your mission was accomplished and I'm sure you final week of 2009 will be wonderful.