Thursday, December 3, 2009

a snapshot of seneca.

background part 1:
seneca went to bed at 7:00 as usual. we read, we prayed, we sang, she hugged and tickled her brother, she said good-night and I lub you. she said, "no monsters here, no spiders here, it's fine, mommy?" yes, it's fine. she is a creature of habit, probably of my own making. she knows the routine. part of the routine includes staying her her bed after she's been tucked in. she's having a little trouble with this part. if she gets out, she gets put back in her crib (which I lazily haven't taken down yet), it's such a bummer.

background part 2:
seneca and beckham are tag-team extraordinaire. I remember when people had sympathy for me having two babies close in age, but not exactly twins. I remember thinking that the baby part was easy... wait until they're both toddlers. we've arrived. they scheme together and when one chooses to be mischievous, then there's no question about whether the other will follow. just today I found them both hiding under the kitchen table eating peanut m&ms as fast as they could before they got caught. later they were both in the flour bucket making a beautiful mess just after bathtime. they have discovered that they are able to undress themselves and think it's hilarious to take off their pants and run around in their diapers. I tell them several times a day, "go find your pants. put on your pants. we need to keep our pants on. you're welcome to eat in my kitchen if you have pants on."

denten gets home about 8:00. he takes cooper up to brush teeth and get in bed. he finds seneca peeking out of her door. with no pants on. with no diaper on. with her jammie shirt and her sunday shoes on. smiling hugely, "hi, daddy!" she's something else, I tell ya.


Emily said...

Well, if you've got your Sunday shoes on what else do ya need!

Kari said...

No pants and no diaper peeking out of the door?! Oh my gosh I am laughing out loud. What a cutie! She really is so darn cute. All your kids are!

Annika said...

Trouble I tell ya, and you've got partners in crime!

Steph said...

So darn cute! I tell ya, her and Zoe would be quite the duo!

tenacious d said...

What a funny little person! And you shouldn't think that you're being biased in thinking that she's beautiful. She, plain and simply, is a beautiful little girl.

The Hunt's said...

wow, i am laughing out loud. that is dang funny.