Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I want to remember:

Cooper is learning Christmas songs. The latest version:
"You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why.. Cooper is coming to town!" I laughed and asked him if he was bringing me a present. He quickly went and hid my slippers in his shirt and brought them to me, singing again. We are doing Christmas for a secret someone and all we really know about him is that he is a dad. Cooper's input on a gift included new tools, a bike, a watch or a new car. He's also brainstorming what he's going to give Seneca and Beckham for Christmas. The discussion is ongoing and changes hourly.

Seneca has been waking up at night and when she does, she requests that we go sit in the rocking chair together. I have had mixed feelings about it because I'm not going to let her think that we're taking a field trip every time she wakes up, but I love that she'll just sit and cuddle with me. Sometimes she'll request a song, sometimes she wants to pray again, but mostly we just sit and rock and man, I love her. She is a verbal little girl, call her on the phone and you'll see. She'll give you the run-down on just about anything. I think she's beautiful and I wonder if I would think that if she were not my own daughter. You know how parents always think their own kids are always cute? I'm grateful that despite the fact that she didn't grow in me, it is nothing but natural for me to love her as if she did.

Beckham is trying so hard to be big. He does his very best to keep up with his older siblings in every aspect. He and Seneca are quite the team, communicating flawlessly with each other. Most of the time I understand what they are saying to each other, but even when I don't, they get it completely. When I'm driving, Bex will try very hard to dictate which direction I go each time I approach an intersection. If I happen to go a different direction than the one his little finger is pointing to and his "iss way, mom!" well then, look out. He can throw an impressive fit when not getting his way. Sometimes I wonder where I would end up if I really went the way he wanted every time. He's the best eater in the house and can pack it away. He screams loudly and he gives awesome kisses. He has big brown flirty eyes that make you work for his affection and I'm a sucker. And he's still competing for best cheeks ever.

Gratitude month may be over, but it did its job. I'm noticing things throughout my days that I'm grateful for. even when these little ones drive me crazy, I'm grateful that I can enjoy being their mother.


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If Cooper's giving away new cars...

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