Monday, December 28, 2009

this girl of mine.

Seneca has been wearing big girl panties for three days. There have only been two accidents in the last two days, it's awesome! When she needs to go, her eyes get big, she gasps and says, "oh! I better go in the potty!" yes, you better! and then we run. it's pretty fun, actually, to see how excited she gets about it. most of the time Beckham is right there too, racing to the potty and cheering because when she gets potty treats, he does too! I'm completely grateful that this is proving to be an easy process and that she's proud of herself. Actually, she tells me that she's proud of me... "mom, I so proud of you a going potty!" thank you, senny. I must say that there is nothing more darling that her little buns racing for the bathroom in little dora underwear.

Family Home Evening tonight consisted of teaching that everyone is a Child of God. We looked at a few pictures of children and talked about how they were each children of God. Then we looked at the kids' pictures on the wall. Is Cooper a child of God, yes! Is Seneca a child of God? yes! and Beckham is too. And mommy and daddy. That one was harder... adults can be children of God as well. Tonight when singing Seneca's set before bed, I asked Seneca if daddy was a child of God. her response? "no, Daddy's an Ironman!!" It was hilarious. He has trained her well!


this is a cropped image of Senny during a family photo shoot. you don't have to use very much imagination to determine how the rest of the photos turned out! a mind of her own, for sure!


Tutz said...

Congratulations to you and Senny-bug for your victory over potty training. Beck, too! The picture is hilarious! Senny's face and the shoes on the wrong feet!

Amber said...

cute, cute

Joni said...

Holy Cow that little girl is hilarious! And soooo cute.