Monday, December 28, 2009

a debut appearance... at the bowling ally.

we've never been bowling before, all of us together. we took the opportunity saturday evening to remedy that situation. it was a good time! the first five or six frames were rather entertaining. during the last part of the game, popcorn held attention much more than bowling, but we had fun!!


seneca manned the buttons. all night. her post. don't mess with it.


beckham didn't care whose turn it was, he was riveted watching the ball roll down the lane waiting with great suspense until it knocked pins over and he could cheer about it.



wish I had a pic of seneca's celebration. she'd throw both hands up in the air and jump, so excited.


she also enjoyed the blower...


cooper had the best time of all. he just kept saying, "this is so fun!" he tried numerous methods of getting his ball down the lane and kept us all moving through our turns so he could go again.


strikes were obtained by yours truly, denten on his very last turn and beckham... go figure. cooper's been asking to back ever since. seems we'll have to do this again sometime!


tenacious d said...

You guys didn't even use bumpers. That's impressive.

Amberly said...

oh diane, I should let you think that, but yes we did!!

Annika said...

How fun, I always love bowling! I still remember when G & G Banks would take all of us cousins and someone would end up crying cause Grandpa tried to teach us how to be pro bowlers. Good Times!

The Hunt's said...

LOL! Annika's comment made me laugh right out loud, so true!! What a fun family night, this post makes my heart smile.