Monday, January 25, 2010

behind the scenes: family pictures

My favorite: cooper disinterested. beckham trying to make a break for it. mom praying. seneca refusing to look forward and dad laughing at all of us.


The players:

Jackie who gets major props for agreeing to photograph this lot. It was cold, she was dealing with another photographer with his own ideas and three children who for the life of her would not cooperate.

Cooper who was mad and cold. Cold makes us cranky and taking the jacket off was pure torture. Smiling was simply not possible. Ever.

Seneca. She varied between silly and stubborn all day. She had her own ideas of where to look, which direction her body would be turned and when roaring seemed more appropriate than smiling at the camera.



Beckham. Pretty much a Winston Churchhill somber face most of the day. He'd look at Jackie, point even, but smile? Not so much.

Denten. The Ironman himself. He had ideas about this photoshoot and I suppose most came to pass. He was in good spirits considering he does not get cold quite as easily as some of the rest of us.

Amberly. Taking pictures? Fun! A day on the mountain? Fun! Coordinating outfits, fun photo shoots? Fun! Except that I was freezing and that I pretty much have a giraffe neck in several photos.


look, we're all looking the same direction!


the parents are still sane. let's do it again soon.



Holladay Photo said...

hottie! i love your hair! the bangs are fabulous on you! fun pictures, the outakes are classic.

Aunt Debi said...

Actually I like the pictures that show the character of the kids. You and Denton look cute in every picture. Love you shirt. You have a darling family. Wish you lived closer. Love you!

kimmalee said...

I got my little treasure in the mail yesterday and I love it! I agree with my mom, the pictures with your kids personalities just beaming are so sweet. I love the Seneca roar. I think that's my favorite.

Leslie said...

This post was pretty funny. Your kids are pretty stinken' cute. You and your ironman aren't bad either. :)

Joni said...

Seneca roaring like a lion?! That's seriously hilarious. Your pics are great, and your family is so adorable.

tenacious d said...

But your New Year's cards turned out just darling. It's more fun to have personality than "perfect" little faces and poses.

Cammi said...

Roaring?! HAhah.. I laughed right outloud at her face!! They are cute! And you are a babe!! Love the pics cousin.. love you!

Amy said...

You look so great with bangs!

Jaime said...

I love it! The crazier the better! And your hair really looks fabulous.

Bernideen said...

Love life now - this season passesfaster than you can imagine at the time. Repeatedcomment I amsure: lovely family!

Deanna said...

Love the photos! Reminds me of our family photo sessions. We have found bribery works great:) Your family is adorable. I love hearing about your kiddos and their adventures. Good luck with your new adventures as well! Fun times.

Partridge Family said...

I love the family pictures!! You are so photogenic! Thanks for the advice and help today. I also wish we were closer, it would be nice to have a running buddy who wears the same goofy shoes!

The Hunt's said...

seneca roaring? hy-freaking-sterical. wow.

Angelique said...

Oh la, la, love the bangs on you Amberly! Darling photos...even the silly ones are worth framing! Cute family. I can't believe how big your kidos are now.

Natalie said...

What great pictures. Your hair looks fabulous!!!! It's quite an accomplishment to get all three kids looking at the camera happily (or at least not looking sad/mad/crazy) at the same time. Believe me, I know!

Jana said...

1. You are gorgeous!!!
2. You DO NOT have a giraffe neck.
3. I would much rather have a giraffe neck than my 4 I have going on right now. Count your blessings. :)

Kelly said...

Great pictures, and I just had to say you look gorgeous with the bangs. Well, you're gorgeous anyway, but the bangs -- oh la la!