Sunday, January 24, 2010

behind the scenes: my kids.

There are a few behind the scenes posts coming to this blog... simply an alternative way to journaling the happenings around here. This week my children take center stage. They usually do...

* Cooper often requests a game with mom or dad after the little ones are in bed at night, so after we read, we've been engaging in Go Fish, Bingo, Old Maid, Uno, Candy Land, Connect Four, etc. Last night we tried Crazy Eights. Often after my turn, Cooper would evaluate the card played and then reply, "well done." Why, thank you. Sometimes I got, "well done, my friend."

* Last night all the wee ones were tucked in their beds fast asleep (or so we thought) and we were just settling down with Fame when we heard Beckham cry out, loudly. Is his door open? asked Denten. No, I never leave his door open. First he called for Daddy and then he said "brother," which, despite the sound of things, is how he refers to his sister. Then she answered him. From the hall. That stinker! She had gotten out of bed, tiptoed to Beckham's room, opened the door and flipped on the light. He was sound asleep prior to this intrusion, mind you. No wonder he awoke with a start. This is not the first time this has happened. It has occurred in the morning a few times. She'll wake up early and go straight to Beckham's bedroom to play, not realizing or caring that he had another good hour to sleep before she came in all chipper and ready to roll. What would she do with out him?? They're a pair, I tell ya.

* On the way home from school Friday, Cooper casually mentioned that there was a girl he thought he would marry. I kept my composure and in a similarly casual voice, said, "oh yeah? who's that?" even though I thought I already knew the answer. He said the name of one of the girls in his class, the same one he had been holding hands with a while ago. "She's a nice girl, isn't she?" I said. yeah. That was the end of the conversation until we got home and he told me that his friend's teeth were different from his, "like there is one tooth and then a space and then another tooth." which is totally true.. she does have a little space between her teeth. We talked about how everyone is a little different and that's ok. Obviously he doesn't mind, he wants to marry her, after all.

* "cuem, cuem" is how Seneca and Beckham say "excuse me." I'm not sure where the term came from, but it is used appropriately. Usually I hear it if I have not responded to them the first time or if Denten and I are talking and one of them has something to say. It's nice to hear them try to be polite, it makes up for the times they break out into song at the dinner table. Although Cooper told me this week as I was singing in the kitchen while they were eating that I wasn't being a good example because we don't sing while we eat. Caught, red-handed.

* Happy Birthdays are a regular thing around here since Beckham had one. Seneca sings to us and brings us pretend cakes and Beckham points to my treat hiding spot and keeps asking for "cukcakes."

* Seneca likes princesses. I guess I knew this day would come, but pretended it wouldn't. We borrowed a movie from the house down the street that had a princess in it and it was loved by everyone. It has since been returned and she keeps asking for a princess movie. Guess I better find one. She also thinks that she is a princess whenever she wears a dress. Sundays are special days.

* Soccer season is up and running again. Last week Cooper did a great job defending the goal, much more concerned about the other team scoring than doing it himself. This week on the way to his game we talked about what he was going to try to do better this week. The kid just has a defensive mind right now. He wanted to block shots and not let the ball in. He hung back just a little when all the rest of the kids were a mess of kicks but was on full alert for when the ball came flying out of the pack. He was the first one back attempting to kick it off course or take it away. There is no official goalie at this stage of the game, but I think he'd take the job.

* My boys got haircuts yesterday and they look so handsome. Beckham also has a bruised forehead and a fat lip, but his cheeks are still just as kissable. All wounds were self-inflicted.

And that's behind the scenes with my little ones. Coming next: Behind the scenes at the family photo shoot. Mercy.

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