Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Denten came home sick from work yesterday. That never happens, so I figured he was probably dying. He conveniently showed up right at nap time and my entire house was quiet for a few hours. My pity wore off by the time soccer practice came around and I ditched the two little ones with their sick daddy to head to the park with Cooper. Seeing as I'll be chasing after them every other practice and game of the season, I enjoyed my 50 minutes of peace.

Cooper has a lovely little friend who is in both his preschool class and his music class. He talks of her occasionally, took special care with hers when preparing Christmas ornaments for his class and reports that she is who he hangs out with most at school. She's quiet and darling. His teacher told me yesterday that they had been holding hands. While nothing inappropriate, she wanted me to know. She said she'd keep an eye on it, but wasn't worried. I'm not either. But it was kinda funny.

Beckham is testing limits. He dances on the kitchen island, climbs up on his little play table just for my reaction, pushes chairs over to the counter so he can attempt to reach treats... all resulting in a minute on the bottom stair. It's a bit of torture, but always ends with a hug and an "o-tay" when we talk about what we're not going to do again. Until he runs right over and does it again... laughing. Consistency, Amberly. It's bound to click sometime.

Seneca has been singing "here we are together" all afternoon after listening to her nursery song CD (thanks sister malone!). She and Beckham dance around singing at each other and going through our families' names. Seneca also has a lovie, her blanket (thank you, Deirdre!). It was originally gifted to Beckham when he entered the world, but after snagging it, she hasn't let go. The rule is that it stays on her bed, but man, that is so tough! There are times when only the blanket can give comfort. Not mom, not dad, not either brother. Only the blanket. "mom, I need to lay on the couch!" fine, you're welcome to use a blanket down here. "nooooo! I need my blanket!" then you're welcome to use it on your bed. this just starts another round of unimaginable agony. oh, the drama.

This week has continued to be productive in my quest for order. The kitchen has been gutted... meaning each cabinet has been emptied, wiped down and all unnecessary objects tossed. the fridge and freezer have received the same treatment. It's embarrassing how long some of that stuff had been in my freezer! The linen closet is done and the closet under the stairs. Toys have been sorted through and I even inspired Denten to pull a pile from his closet to add to the DI mountain growing in our garage. This afternoon I attempted to put a case to every movie in this house- a small feat, but I think we only have two missing. The layer of dust on my blinds is calling to me, loudly and I keep tuning it out. Please, please please let a magic fairy come do that one!

I had a great energy session this afternoon with a new client. She didn't know much about calyco or energy work in general, but she was open to it and we cleared some great stuff. It was a good experience for both of us.

The kids were playing outside today and came in with an armful of citrus. I didn't even know we had anything growing out there. They were excited to eat their goods and devoured grapefruit for lunch. Beckham's initial reaction was awesome, but then he couldn't get enough. Cooper went to town on his while Senny and Beckham kept requesting I put "more juice" in their little open mouths.

Jayme made me crepes for dinner tonight- I added a little nutella to my strawberries and whip cream and enjoyed dessert for dinner! It was easy and delicious, thanks Jayme! My kids didn't know whether to call them tortillas or pancakes... guess we need to have crepes more often!

I enjoy having Pandora on when I'm working during the day, any suggestions for fun new stations for me??


kimmalee said...

I love hearing these sweet stories about your kids. They make me smile and feel like I know them even though we've just met a few times. Those little moments are just so precious.

Jana said...

Who is Jayme? Seriously. If she is someone who helps you, how did you find her? I want to find someone who makes me crepes.