Saturday, January 16, 2010

24... upon request

It has been suggested by a closet reader of this blog that I post about 24, considering that Jack and his posse debut tomorrow night.

My thoughts on Jack Bauer and the end of the world drama are random... but here you go:

First of all, this show is unlike ANY other in that it demands my full and undivided attention when watching. I often eat when watching a show (call it an unhealthy habit, but I monitor my portion control just fine, thank you). I also often use evening television time to fold laundry or straighten up or catch up on various blogs. There will be none of these distractions when 24 is on. Riveted is a good word to describe my condition when the clock starts ticking.

There should be a word said here differentiating between the character Jack Bauer and the actor Keifer Sutherland. I try to ignore celeb news when Keifer's name is mentioned as more often that not the report has something to do with the combination of driving and intoxication. Jack, however is pretty much immortal and while he makes mistakes, somehow they make him endearing.

I happen to have several female friends who swoon over Mr. Bauer thinking he is incredibly sexy. Please don't shoot me when I say that I do not find him especially physically attractive. I mean that if I were to just see a picture of him or have him pass me on the street, I would not take a second look, however, it's the "tough" in him that makes him appealing. It's the way he handles certain situations, say tracking down the poor soul responsible for bringing a nuclear device onto American soil. Heaven help that dear person. Jack appears to me to be a pretty stereotypical man. He's not incredible emotional, or in the brief moments when we see his heart, he's quick to put it away and get back to business. He thinks with his head, makes quick decisions and pushes the limits. That, I like.

There have been rumors that this season is going to display the age of both the show and Jack. I'm choosing to ignore such rumors. Keifer may be getting old, but Jack? I just don't want to believe it. Apparently he slows down a bit and leaves more room for contemplation. I personally would be a little disappointed if this were the case. I have many other television options that include sap. I watch this one for the nonstop action and suspense. For the corrupt government officials and way that ridiculous end-of-the-world ideas somehow seem completely believable.

Let's move for a moment to Chloe. Opinions vary widely concerning her character, even within my own home. She disappeared for a while last season and I missed her. Her direct nature and lack of social skills makes me adore her. Denten thinks the show would go on without her and that she can be a bit annoying at times. Pfff.

We watched the first seasons of 24 when visiting in London years ago. We had it on DVD and watched one episode after another in a church-owned flat in a very dark room where we had no concept of time or life outside or anything but the fact that Jack had better save the world, and quick! There were many times the clock would click to the end of the hour and it would take only seconds of considering whether we should be doing something more productive with our time before we said, "just one more." oh, the loss of sleep that occurred that week!

I believe I watched the first 4 or 5 seasons like that... on DVD so the episode control was mine. Then we started watching it on TV, which proved to be pure torture. I mean, when it ended I was not ready. Ever. Sometimes we'd DVR it and once we had three or so, we'd watch, but waiting another week is a problem. That being said, I will do it again. I will set my DVR, get my children to bed, turn off the lights, sit by my husband and get sucked right in. and be disappointed when it ends.

I hope the storyline is good this year. I hope it's riveting. I hope I'm not tempted to fold laundry while Jack does his thing. Denten's favorite Jack line: "just trust me." listen. you'll hear it a lot, and it will be mildly humorous every time.

Man, for not knowing what to write, this got LONG! There you go, Tiff... now comment already so I know that you read this! Bring it on, Jack!


Lindsay said...

im watching season 7 on dvd right now. its so intense i cant stop. i dont know how you do it with the lights off though. every light in the basement is on!

Kari said...


Another 24 die hard fan. I can't wait for the season premiere!

I also noticed that famous Jack line: "Just trust me." I believe it's required in every episode. ;)

We will discuss this further...

Stephens Family said...

Have you seen the countdown on my page?? It's going to be a good 2 nights! You are def. right, there is a major diff. btw. Jack and Kiefer. Jack, he is hot but KS, not so much. Jack is just someone that you really need to have around. Trapped in a burning building, no worries, Jack is there. Being held by a crazy terrorist, no worries...Jack is ready to save the day, ALWAYS! A few things I am hoping for this season, I would really like to know what ever happened to Audrey. I have heard that there is a love interest btw. Jack and Renee and I am not so excited about that. And as for little miss president's daughter...I think I dislike her as much I disliked David Palmers wife so she better get what she deserves. : ) DON DON, DON DON....

Treona said...

I'm 100% with you. I can't wait for the season premier tonight! If you ever want another good TV series to watch by DVD, I suggest Prison Break. It had great action and incredible character development. It's second on my list of TV series, right after 24, but almost tied.

Debi said...

Love! Love! Love 24! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts too. We still wait for the DVDs to come out because waiting week to week is such torture. So, we will watch 24 in December. If we can wait that long. :)

Krista said...

We're so addicted too. Our favorite line is, "We need the schematics". So funny how many times they say that! And I love Chloe!

Annie said...

Chloe is downright painful to watch. But that Renee? She just jumps right in a cuts peoples hands off and stuff. Love her!

Tiffany Ann said...

Oh my gosh, I feel like a celebrity! Being mentioned in my very own Amberly inspired blog. I can't believe you really wrote for me, I am so happy, and surprised!!!! First off I LOVE everything you wrote, it was written exactly how I feel too. I cannot be distracted when Jack is saving the world, I just can't! And Chloe,I also have a love hate relationship with the girl. I really liked her last season though, her hair looked amazing! I also became sucked into 24 the same way you did, and lost so much sleep, with ok, just one more. But totally worth it! I love you for posting this, you are my hero, and favorite blogger! Thanks- Tiffany
P.S. I live for Jack's "Damnit"