Monday, January 18, 2010

random today.

It rained today. We were going to go play at south mountain today, but instead, we stayed home, watched movies, got a few things done around the house and enjoyed the cloudy skies.

Denten created our New Year's card today. He left it to me a while ago and it didn't get very far, so he took it upon himself. If you want one in your mailbox, make sure I have your address! One of my projects was to get the zillion photos off of this computer and onto an external hard drive. This computer has the potential to be great, but I think the photos were slowing it down. Denten takes an incredible amount of pictures. Love them, but my computer was screaming.... no more! It was also an opportunity to make sure they were organized into the proper folders so I can find them easily. Project complete!

Cooper's quiet times these days have consisted of art projects in his room. He'll paint for hours, or cut and glue or color. He gets his music set up and then hides out in there until he hears the little ones awake. I love seeing what he comes up with when left to his own creativity.

We had good food and good laughter with friends tonight. I completely love my friends here. I'm different from them in lots of ways, but I depend on them and truly enjoy them. They make me want to be better.

I went for a little run, Denten had a good bike ride. I attempted a nap but waited too long.

I've got to go watch night 2 of 24. I'll keep my reviews to myself seeing as ruining it for those not watching yet would be outright nasty of me.

I had the thought that it would have been interesting if Martin Luther King Jr. had had the chance to be president of this country. I think he would have made a great one. More ethical and true to his values than many others. One who wouldn't be swayed by gimmicks, bribery, deals... One who stood by his principles and who truly cared for people. If his time and mine could somehow merge, I'd vote for him.


Anonymous said...

FYI...too many pictures won't slow down your computer. It's your RAM that will slow it down. How much RAM do you have on your computer?

The Hunt's said...

i'd vote for mlk jr. too. i would also do art projects with cooper.