Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harrie's Challenge: LOVE month!

My sister, Lindsay (aka Harrie) has posted this on her blog:

I love February. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, I always enjoy this time of year. I think there is something in the air. So this month, I will be posting something I love each day. I think you should too! Most of my loves probably won't be news to you.

She kicked off the month with her love of travel. I ditto most of her sentiments.

Today, I love Cooper.

He is smart and hilarious.

He is sweet and thoughtful.

He is clever and inventive.

He is a great brother and a good example.

He is creative and artistic

He is athletic and fast.

He's my first miracle.


This is Coop's first time on snow skis last winter.

He's been dying to do again and is looking forward to a trip next month to ski with his Grandpa.

He surprises me every day and most of the time, I love being his mom!


Cammi said...

Love this post!! Will you tell Linds to invite me to join her blog... I can't follow her unless she invites me and I want to follow her thanks!!

Joni said...

I'm gonna do this too!

kimmalee said...

Ooo that is a great idea! I love love month already! Yes, your little Coop is adorable. I love that picture too. Sweet little boy drowning in snow gear. And those tiny skis. Too cute.