Thursday, February 18, 2010

head. hurts.

it hurts to move my head.

it hurts to talk.

it kind of hurts to even think.

cash availability, interest rates, loan stipulations, coordinating dates... too much for my stuffy head.

there is pressure and achiness from my face down through my neck and shoulders.

mama mia, I'm so glad I don't feel like this every day.

today I love minimal obligations.

I love dinners that are easy to put together for my family.

I love a dad who comes home at the end of the day to take over.

I love the american women's halfpipe team. wow.

I love beckham's face, I seriously can't get enough of it.

I love seneca's purse. it never leaves her posession and she has all kinds of tricks in there.

I love cooper's comptence. he ran this place this afternoon.

I love that most days my body is fully functional and free of aches and pains.


Amy said...

I was thinking you sounded a bit down this morning on the phone. Hope you start feeling better soon! You have a busy month ahead of you!

tenacious d said...

Feel better soon! Head colds are so crummy.

Just the THREE of us said...

just reading it makes my head hurt!