Thursday, February 18, 2010

blurry pictures

Gram sent Valentine shoes. They were opened a few days prior to the big day and have only left her feet when forced to do so. After returning from an evening out, we found Seneca sound asleep with her pink shoes still on her feet. Apparently the baby-sitter knew better than to mess with a girl and her pink shiny new shoes!
Beckham has adopted Dora-doll as his "baby." He needs her to sleep, he changes her diaper... oh the lengthes he goes to to be like his sister!

These are all taken with my new camera. I'm holding still, I promise, but they don't look good! This is already round two... I don't want to drop another few hundred for a great one, but these photos simply will not do!

as for the download... (pay attention, bren) my usual process is download from my camera onto either my computer or my external harddrive. then I upload to photobucket because I like the photos big. then I copy the url photobucket created into my blog post. too many steps? perhaps. an alternative is posting straight from picasa, but I can only do 4 at a time and they are small (see above). somebody got something else brilliant for me to try??
**edited to add: I am referring to a small point-and-shoot. We've got a great Canon SLR, but it does not go everywhere with me in my bag!
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Misty said...

Sorry about your camera drama.

You can upload pictures from your computer to Blogger directly. You can pick the size that they display. They've just changed the layout recently so that you can upload multiple pictures at a time. It's much better now.

K said...

I don't know what kind of camera you have or what kind you are looking for, but I highly recommend the Nikon D3000. It's an easy to use, DSLR camera that's relatively inexpensive ($450 at amazon).

Nancy said...

it looks like there's some kind of film or sticker on your lens.

bren hatch said...

do you have your camera set to Auto?